Here is how it works.  A digital Media Guide is put together with all sorts of information about your team, individual photos of players, statistics, schedules, special events, coaches messages and anything else you deem interesting about your team. The cover is customized with graphics specific to your team as is the back cover and more pages throughout the Guide. The team members are to sell advertising slots in the Media Guide, everything from a business card size to full page ads. Business card ads typically would sell for $100, but price is up to you, and are not difficult to sell. The more you sell the more you make. For example if a team of 16 members each sold just 4 business card ads at $100 each the revenue created would = $6400. How you use the revenue created is up to you but teams often offer a percentage split with the player selling the ad where a certain percentage goes to the team and the rest goes towards that players registration fees. This gives players a chance to play when perhaps it was not financially feasible.